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Our Story


Atilano is a socially-responsible craft coffee company based in Solana Beach, CA that uniquely blends California and Latino coffee cultures. The brand encapsulates the Golden State spirit with its commitment to quality and sustainability, while drawing inspiration from founder Gabe Hierro’s upbringing in Puerto Rico, where (like in many Latin American countries) coffee is an essential staple of everyday life—and, even more so, a social ritual.

Atilano is responsibly sourced, with special attention paid to low-impact farming and harvesting methods, and expertly roasted in small batches in the San Francisco Bay Area. Each blend highlights beans sourced from a specific Latin American nation with packaging artwork that pays homage to its origins and symbolizes the country’s unique cultural heritage. A trained chef, Hierro works closely with a master roaster to ensure that the characteristics are preserved from bean to cup, capturing the distinct aroma and flavor of the raw coffee bean’s provenance.

A coffee with a conscience, Atilano goes "beyond the cup" by pledging 5% of sales to charitable organizations that support youth education and the environment.

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