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Haitian Blue.

Haitian Blue

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Grown using the same Arabica Blue Mountain beans and at the same latitude as the highly revered Jamaican Blue Mountain that is exported throughout the world at premium prices, this unique single origin Haitian coffee is truly exceptional. The only certified organic coffee beans from Haiti, they are shade grown to benefit the local ecology and have been washed for clarity of flavor, which are both rarities for the area. The coffee cooperative of 2,000 farmers is paid 300% higher wages than what is required by fair trade guidelines—not out of charity but because of its exceptional product quality. The colorful Atilano packaging for Haitian Blue pays homage to the country’s “Tap Taps” (translated as “Quick Quicks”), or ornately decorated trucks that act as shared taxis for locals, and often transport people traveling to the neighboring Dominican Republic.

Roast: Medium
Flavor Notes: Heavy walnut and almond, balanced, low acidity, sweet finish
Origin: Haiti
Variety: Arabica (Blue Mountain), certified organic
Altitude: 1,200 meters
Processing: Shade grown, washed
Format: Whole bean, single origin