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Latin Poetry

A smooth medium-roast blend with flavors of milk chocolate, brown sugar, butterscotch and caramel. Find a poem in each sip.

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Latin Poetry K-Cups

Enjoy the same smooth flavor of our Latin Poetry blend 'on the go' with our single-serve eco-friendly K-Cups. A customer favorite!

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Haitian Blue

The only certified organic coffee beans from Haiti. Single origin, shade-grown coffee with almond and walnut notes.

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Why Choose Atilano?

We guarantee quality.

Our beans are ethically sourced and medium roasted in small batches to capture the distinct aroma and flavor of the raw coffee bean’s provenance.

We support fair trade.

We seek out coffee farmers and importers who follow an ethical framework, pay fair wages, and support the environment through sustainable practices. 

We honor diversity.

We celebrate the depth and diversity of global culture with original artwork that pays homage to each blend’s country of origin and unique heritage.

We go beyond the cup.

Education and global health are foundational pillars for us. We pledge 5% of sales to nonprofit organizations that support youth education and the environment.

Ethical coffee on a mission

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