• Size Does Matter!

    Size Does Matter!

    You’ve probably heard it before but size does matter!

    Your grind size that is 🙌

    If you’ve ever looked at your new coffee grinder and slightly panicked asking “why are there over 15 settings and what do they mean”?

    We’ve got you covered.

    There are a handful of factors that can mess up the taste of your incredible coffee once you've gotten it home:

    ✔️type of water used

    ✔️grinder type

    ✔️grind size

    ✔️water temperature

    ✔️storage, just to name a few.

    We want to expand upon why grind size matters and the main idea behind grind size is based on how long your coffee is in contact with water during the brewing process.

    Coarse Grind

    A coarse grind is typical for a longer brew such as French press or coffee press. This longer brewing time (usually about four minutes) in partnership with the larger surface area of the coarse grind, allows the water more time & space from which to extract all of the goodness out of the coffee.

    Middle-of-the-Grind-Spectrum: Drip et al

    Drip coffee is usually used when you’re making more than just one cup of coffee, usually for a group or maybe just for a very tired morning 😂

    You may have a conical filter or flat-bottom filter. Either way, you've got a relatively broad bed of grounds with water coming in contact through a spray head fitting. Volume here comes into play.

    There is definitely room to tweak as play around with your grinder until you find something that really works for your taste buds. We can tell you all about the specifics of the grinding process but you’re the one drinking the coffee so find what works for you.

    Some coffee tips if your brew isn’t tasting the way you’d hope 👇

    • Coffee having an earthy almost grass like taste? There probably isn’t enough extraction going on so try a finer grind!
    • If your coffee tastes bitter almost acidic, your grind might be took large so try dialing it back a little bit to keep out those more bitter flavors next time.
    • Ultimately find out what works for best for you and savor that coffee one sip at a time ☕

    Happy Grinding!